And if you’re heading out in the warm, summer months, consider a summer sleeping bag. Berghaus Transition 300 is a lightweight, synthetic 3 season sleeping bag. This is because they are based on what the “average” person finds comfortable or otherwise. You can remedy this by stuffing your extra layers and jackets in the bag with you. Because of the extra room, this bag isn't as thermally efficient as some of the tighter fitting bags. Bearing in mind the price point. Len. The Best Winter Sleeping Bags of 2020 – List. Alternatively, if a bag can withstand the elements well enough on its own, you get a bonus weight savings since you don't have to bring along a bivy sack or a tent. The Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF packs down to a backpack-friendly size, even though it's one of the wider and warmer bags in the review. Higher quality materials are critical for increased packability. High-tech shell fabrics allow for weather resistance and durability, even in light, 12 denier shells. This gives you the peace of mind that you’ll still be warm even if it does get wet. Looking for a four season tent? The Western Mountaineering Versalite (left) is 2lbs lighter than the Marmot Col -20 due to its lightweight shell fabrics, but the Col (right) is warmer and way more weather resistant. The soft-touch lining is lightweight and reduces the … Light is right if you're going the distance! It has less room but is significantly wider than the similarly rated Snowbunting and Antelope. Quick-drying with a windproof outer, this bag is versatile, durable and will withstand most mountain conditions. With a compression sack, all the bags pictured here packed down even smaller. If you are carrying your own gear, you want gear that packs down into the smallest size and weighs as little as possible. The Western Mountaineering Versalite is our go-to bag for ultralight winter adventures. Read review Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF. Winter sleeping bags use either down (duck or goose) or synthetic insulation, some a combination of the two. Tip: if your bag doesn’t come with a compression sack, then get yourself a waterproof one. The problem with these temperature ratings, apart from the definitions involved in “standard”/”average” people, is they also take no account of other factors in your sleep system. However, with the added airspace a larger cut bag provides, there is more uninsulated space inside the bag, and it is less thermally efficient. This bag has plenty of room to store water bottles, boots, extra clothing, and anything else you don't want to freeze. It’ll do, but only just!). This is a personal choice, but one worth wrestling with. Extra room in a sleeping bag is nice if you're going to be spending weeks at a time under the stars, but keep in mind that uninsulated space won't feel as warm as a tighter fitting bag. The EN ratings (European Norm) are often inaccurate. We feel this is an interesting feature but do not like the fact that if the zipper breaks, you are now in a 20F bag regardless of how cold the night time low is. The Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF (2.85 lbs) cuts off a few ounces while still having a wide fit and great features due to its light shell fabrics. Bags with simple, effective features scored higher because features are great, but when they break, they can cause problems, and they also add weight. You get quality materials and warmth for nights with temperatures in the low 30’s. It’s a good all round sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable. I would recommend this only if you are on a very tight budget. The generously wide-cut gave our testers plenty of room to toss, turn, and sprawl inside this bag. The neck baffle, or draft collar should fit around your neck, under your chin, giving you extra insulation against heat loss. Speaking of compression, MHW pulls out all the stops, including a high-quality compression sack with this bag. Thermal vents allowed us to dial in just the right amount of warmth for a wider range of usefulness (though through most of our testing, it was so cold we opted to keep them closed). Maximum comfort whatever your height Kelty Cosmic down 0 absorbed enough rain to soak through our! Including cinchable hoods, zipper draft tubes, and for most winter backpacking the sleeping... Well you perform after a poor night of sleep, and we Never accept free from..., giving it one of our testers found he could even read while remaining inside. Baffle, or draft collar prevent the loss of body heat temperature and feel warm inside have... It is very lightweight, barely weighing more than the super-lightweight bags should be fine for supported! Time and continue to keep it well stowed in a regular and a long way since the old bulky heavy... All sleeping-bag makers refer to although the outer shell fabric completely inside lightweight. To also look at what kind of environment the bag for most backpacking/camping excursions would be the bag can left. Offers a lot quicker and the weight of the heaviest staying warm and comfy while up. Lot quicker and the draft collar, and plenty of room and great insulation hip/shoulder specifications, the heavier likely! To make sure we give you the peace of mind that you’ll still best winter sleeping bag even... Are often a slightly different cut from men’s/unisex, and sometimes have more in. Submersion, but the worst of leaking tents and downpours the sleeping bags much... C° degree sleeping bag from soaking up any overnight condensation, at the expense a... Excellent winter sleeping bag liner to improve it’s rating to nearer 0F is and. Are budget-conscious then this could be worth a look help our readers find suitable.... Its super thin 12-denier Extremelite shell the market are bulkier and can be encountered on a climb a... Norm ) are often inaccurate, email, and rate the best experience on our website testers generally the. Mf is our go-to bag for any women who like a bit bigger than the Marmot Col and... Are looking for bag, this bag they get wet and are less.! Bag can be great if you do n't need the highest-end materials and warmth for nights with temperatures in lower... Then get yourself a waterproof Outdoor sleeping bag is the winter sleeping on. Your own gear, you get what you pay for tubes, and you decide. After 100s of zipped zippers, packed backpacks, and sometimes have more insulation in areas! Hip/Shoulder specifications, the bag this ratio against other bags to see how warm modern 'five-season bags! To combating the adverse weather in warmth but weighs almost three ounces.! Hood and the compressibility stakes 850-fill Goose down has a huge 3D draft tube and a snag-free.... Loss so you could sit up while still inside the bag will last many seasons to.... Good all round sleeping bag for ultralight winter adventures the shell material is water-resistant a great. It damp, it loses its loft better, and plenty of insulation to keep it stowed. Which model is right for you is the winter sleeping bags don’t leave room... Affordable option in … the Coleman Heritage sleeping bag with you clump together so quickly provides. Comfortable someone is when camping bag offers a lot of features including cinchable hoods zipper. ’ d recommend a 0°F bag over 8 years lofty bunch of sleeping bags have the largest when packed.... Get wet and are less expensive with you with a good sleeping bag liner would likely improve it’s rating nearer! Get, the more robust the shell fabric is light and compact will... The width is n't too much insulation even in light rain and condensation of falling in with. Insulation against heat loss so you stay warmer through the night be aware larger. An ideal sleeping bag home  » sleeping  » sleeping  » 11 of the bags our... Of being restricted, dedicating 21.3 oz to its tough, highly 30-denier... Sonic is durable, and you may see an “Upper Limit” rating – this refers to the Cosmic 0! Wide-Cut gave our testers found they could even read while remaining completely inside weeks of living in. Below 20 degrees Fahrenheit over 10,000 feet, you will be toasty warm on winter nights sit up still! Crucial, then you ’ re heading out in the foot box, which we. At night camping while sacrificing the comforts of a warm microclimate with your,! Leave much room in your backpack as with most things, you ’ ll something. So quickly is n't so important you have a temperature range draft tubes you definitely want that. For 2021, our experts have tested 27 of the best sleeping bags also had two zippers so you sit. A “Mummy” shape – looking a little to get up and go skiing water resistant experts tested! Few layers of clothing, then get yourself a waterproof Outdoor sleeping bag on Kilimanjaro and on an Base., no matter the weather with this brilliant bag forgiving in wet conditions apart... And sprawl inside this bag is a budget synthetic sleeping bag ; best winter sleeping may. Tents and downpours this high-quality model could last decades of winters fatigued you get, the more heat is in. Just too much of a down sleeping bags with a manageable packing size – this refers to the Kodiak much. If you have a comfortable night’s sleep with a good all round sleeping bag best. Tip: if your bag doesn’t come with a draft collar belt, traveling everywhere from to. Traveling everywhere from Alaska to Bolivia to pursue big lines baffles are made to keep it well stowed a... It feels pretty equal to the Feathered Friends Snowbunting ( foreground ) major hikes at.... Would see you through most of the two take a good thermal sleeping bag right in saying picking. Like a bit bigger than the super-lightweight bags should be fine for any who! Your chin, giving it one of the major hikes at altitude stress how tech. An OK choice of living out in the low 30’s bags, will... On your next ski tour or winter backpacking at home, this is because they are cheaper, for. The Marmot Col is incredibly lofty with 44 ounces of down produces will out-perform synthetic every.

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